Jupyter Physical Science Lab - tools for data acquistion and analysis within Jupyter notebooks

I’d like to make people aware of a suite of packages I have been developing to use in teaching physical science labs. I think some of the parts (in particular, GUI elements to work with Pandas DataFrames and make plots of data) would be useful in other contexts.

Currently, the tools only run in the older Jupyter notebooks. If someone wants to help make them work in JupyterLab, I would appreciate the help. Because of my use case (electronic laboratory notebooks, which should be basically chronological and have everything you tried in them) the complex JupyterLab interface is not appropriate. So, until JupyterRetro is really working I have no incentive to put in the time to convert the tools to the JupyterLab framework.

A binder demo of the real-time, in-line data acquisition that uses many of the tools in the suite can be seen on binder: Binder.

All the tools are housed in the JupyterPhysSciLab Project on github.

The documentation is still rather sparse, but descriptions of what is available are in the documentation repository and the ReadMe.md files for each tool. The data acquisition tool and the Pandas GUI tool have demonstrations available as binders.

Thoughts, assistance and pointers welcome!