First release of an in Jupyter GUI to facilitate fitting and teaching how to fit data in pandas dataframes

I would like to make members of this group aware of the first release of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to facilitate generating simple fits (linear, polynomial, exponential, Gaussian and sine) using lmfit in Jupyter notebooks.

This is part of the Pandas GUI package which provides Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools to help Jupyter users generate code to analyze, plot and fit tabulated data that has been loaded into Pandas DataFrames. These tools are meant to help the user learn how to construct the commands. They are intended for new or occasional users of Pandas. However, sophisticated users may find them useful for doing simple one-off tasks where the ability to choose python objects from menus can reduce errors.

If you try it and have comments, issues or suggestions please let me know or add to the issues in the git repository.

Happy fitting.


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