Free Form notebooks for data analytics

More details said Manics? Well the new users are not allowed more than 2 links in a post, so I added new posts:

Below are several applications created for notebook techs, in particular they are in Observable, but our profs require Jupyter as the base and more like to see Python interface and good support.

The core of the technology is Free Form Natural Language interface, customize for particular application e.g. data analytics or analytical sciences like Complex Variables.

I opened the Javascript cells so you could see the code, it is rather tiny and mundane, I hope someone give me a boost to move the code into Jupyter and then I have showcase our new Unity 3D games and simulations with the same Free Form AI.

Note that the graphics is done on the native platform e.g. Wolfram Cloud or Unity, for these demos no local graphics required.

All the student/prof/programmers need to do is enter some English ASCII text, acting as an API into the move computing node e.g. Wolfram Cloud or Unity live running game.


residues at Sqrt[2]i of function 1/(z^4+5z^2+6) and
show poles and
show plot3D and
show plot streams;

Data Analytics

set dublin model to model candidates of Dublin temperature in time series;
show dublin model;
set Dublin plot to plot of Dublin temperature in time series;show Dublin plot;

set estimates to Param estimates of Dublin temperature in time series;
show estimates;

set 30 days forecast to predict 30 days of Dublin temperature in time series;
show 30 days forecast;

user is guest and source is CCNCLOUDdata1;

Feel Free to play around below. Mind you there is a lag of few second for queries.