Jupyter Notebook Python 3.10

Please Update Jupyter To Python 3.10 Requirement

Thanks for the interest! Please note 3.10 came out tens of hours ago, and Jupyter is a volunteer-driven organization, and the software we ship has many layers, each of which needs to work on many platforms/pythons.

We’ll be working on getting the stack up and running just as soon as we can. If something isn’t being maintained to the level you expect… join up, make a PR< become a maintainer, see the world, and fix bugs!

A word of caution: it is possible the notebook server (and therefore client) might not be updated to python 3.10 without a significant step-up in the community: that software is basically in security, bugfix, and triage mode, and sees very little active development. PRs welcome… but see maintainership!

As a user: now is a very good time to consider moving to JupyterLab or RetroLab, which offers an experience closer to the classic UI… though even these don’t yet support the week-old python release, which contains a number of long-delayed API breaks.