Jupyter Internship: JupyterLab Extension Presentations

Jupyter interns will demo their innovative designs for the JupyterLab extensions they have built over the past 11 weeks in a series of special events. Their work is a part of a program at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo California. Registration required - see details at the bottom of this message.

Since 2006, undergraduate and graduate student interns have played a critical role in the Jupyter community. Over 50 students have built and helped to build some amazing things: IPython Widgets, nbconvert, JupyterLab, JupyterLab Table of Contents, JupyterLab Git extension, JupyterLab Status Bar, and others. Multiple current and former Jupyter Steering Council members and core developers started out working with us as students.

This summer, we have a cohort of 10 students (engineers and designers) who have built three innovative JupyterLab extensions that we’re excited to share with you! Students will be giving demonstrations at two special events and we would like to welcome you and others from your organization to attend.

Commenting (GitHub - jupytercalpoly/jupyterlab-comments: Comment on files and notebooks in JupyterLab)

The JupyterLab Comments extension lets users comment collaboratively on any file. Interactions are intuitive and make providing feedback or communicating in real-time easy. Comments also support markdown, LaTeX, and more.

Notifications (GitHub - jupytercalpoly/jupyterlab-notifications: Toast notifications for JupyterLab)

JupyterLab Notifications provides a push notifications system for extension developers and users alike. Notifications API allows extensions to deliver toast notifications to users, while the Notification Center manages their notifications

Bifrost (GitHub - jupytercalpoly/Jupyter-Bifrost: Interactive Data Visualization in JupyterLab)

Jupyter Bifrost is an interactive data visualization extension that allows users to edit charts and export updated pandas dataframes. It circumvents the tedium of static visualization and complexity of code. This allows users to focus on data exploration and quickly extract insights from datasets.

August 25, 12pm - 1pm PT:

August 26, 9am - 9:30am PT:


Perhaps have the teams sign up for slots in next week’s Community Call? Folk in the community might be interested in the work, but maybe not two days/hours interested…


Interns are absolutely welcome at community call! I’ve mentioned it in passing to one or two of them, but do feel free to pass it on. It would be shorter than 30 minutes per group, but I’d still be over the moon to have demos from (some or all of) them if they’d like!

(If they want to save a spot, they can just put their team name in the agenda.)

Thanks Nick and Isabela! Can we take a rain check? The summer program ends this Friday and then students get a 3 week break before Fall Quarter starts. If we can join in September or October that would be better.

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Hi! Were these zooms recorded?

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this is cool. Collab is more interesting with this .

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@jabbera yes, they were. We’re working on processing and posting them. I’ll share here when available for viewing.