๐Ÿš€ Introducing JupyterLab Pioneer

Weโ€™re thrilled to introduce jupyterlab-pioneer, a new extension designed to help you collect JupyterLab activity data effortlessly. The intention of this extension is to support data-driven research and design of new Jupyter experiences with large numbers of users, and we use this extension within the educational technology collective lab to improve data science education with learning analytics.

Key Features

Generate Telemetry Data: With jupyterlab-pioneer, capturing event telemetry data within JupyterLab becomes a breeze. Explore user interactions, code executions, and more by easily generating data for analysis.

Configuration: Customize jupyterlab-pioneer to capture the telemetry data of events relevant to your work. Fine-tune the extensionโ€™s configuration file for a personalized telemetry experience.

Export Data: Export your data to console, command line, local file, remote http endpoint, or with your own custom exporter functions.

Getting Started

Set up JupyterLab Pioneer with docker

Install the extension package and configure manually



Contribute and Provide Feedback

jupyterlab-pioneer is an open-source project, and we enthusiastically welcome contributions and feedback from the Jupyter community. Report issues, suggest improvements, or even join us in developing the extension on our GitHub repo.