Looking for an instructor to teach JupyterLab extension tutorial in San Diego Sep 23rd

I’m co-chair of the Scientific Gateways 2019 conference in San Diego 23-25 September (https://sciencegateways.org/web/gateways2019).
Jupyter notebook and lab are already widespread in Scientific Gateways (websites for easy access to High Performance Computing resources) but often the gateway itself is implemented in some other web technology. But I think it would improve the user experience to have some functionality of the gateway (i.e. job submission / monitoring) built into JupyterLab as an extension.

Is there anyone available and willing to teach the JupyterLab tutorial about building extensions https://github.com/jupyterlab/scipy2018-jupyterlab-tutorial/ (3 hours on September 23rd)?

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I’m still looking for someone, please reply here if you are interested.

I’ve tweeted a link to this post using the Jupyter account.

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