Jupyter Blog Aggregator?

I’m not sure if there are many, indeed any, regularly posting Jupyter bloggers out there outside of official channels, but I wonder if there would be any mileage in setting up an aggregator along the lines of R-bloggers but with a Jupyter focus?

I keep discovering interesting things from the R community via that site, and syndicate my own R related blog posts to it via an R category feed (Wordpress does RSS for everything).

Such as site would need bootstrapping with some sort of content; official blog posts would be an obvious thing to add from the start.

But an aggregator would also allow other Jupyter project teams, as well as research groups, ed-tech teams, and individuals a channel through which they could share / distribute / promote / disseminate their Jupyter related activities.

By feeding from / syndicating from a range of channels, it would also build up the density of posts that make it a useful thing to subscribe to, or visit as a destination site, in its own right.

If I don’t use a feed reader, the low rate of posting to the official site (no criticism intended) means I’m likely to miss posts because there’s no real reason for me to visit it regularly.

I guess you are asking for something like Planet Jupyter feed aggregator that would aggregate the official Jupyter Blog, jovyans blogs and some other related blog feeds. We have something similar for Apache (http://planet.apache.org/).


Yes, a planet style aggregator would work for this.


Tony, do you want to take the lead on this?

I shared your newsletter site with a room full of folks at the first San Diego Jupyter meetup at UCSD last night.

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Will have a look to see if I can set s/thing up quickly / easily. Completely new thing for me though. First guess would be Wordpress + appropriate aggregator plugin (I think that’s what RBloggers uses - will ask the maintainer).

Not sure I can commit to keeping the WP server patched though so if it got hit I’d just have to kill it. Too many side projects, not enough hours in day / evening / early hours / weekend. Also been neglecting real job:-(


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Let’s do this as you have a bunch on your plate. @Zsailer Can we ask on the community call for someone to take the lead on setting up a blog aggregator?

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What do you think about adding a “help wanted” sub-topic to the “meta” category, and use that to post descriptions of stuff that we’d love to see in the jupyter community in the hopes that it’s easier for others to see how they could chip in? (alternatively, we could post this in issues within repositories, and could cross-post in the Discourse for the repos that aren’t super discoverable)

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I think ‘help wanted’ could be useful. This could cover sorts of help ex- of eg help within repos, such as help setting up and running workshops, help w/ Jupytercon or similar, etc?

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