Review of Jupyter Blog Posts

Do we have some channel to reach all editors of the blog in order to ask for a review?

And yes, this is driven by an actual need, so any takers please PM me.

Not a bad idea. One challenge is there’s no explicit blog editors team. Who was helping you post in the first place? I agree it’d be good to clarify this process a bit.

@carreau added me. I went ahead anyway since several people had seen the notebook a while ago, and I was impatient. :running_man::dash:

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I think it is good form to wait at least two working days before taking action. In particular as a newcomer to the community where you are unsure about what the norms are and others don’t know who you are, what your motivations are, etc.

Publishing via the Jupyter channels is very attractive as they have a high brand awareness, trust from readers and a considerable reach. With this comes a fairly high level of responsibility to not abuse that reach and protect the reputation of the project. Basically like the blog of any company with a high level of trust and reputation.

@betatim this is why I feel like we should have a Jupyter blog editorial team and/or a publishing process that ensures posts undergo editing, copy-editing, approval, etc.

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