Is there a good "intro to Jupyter Notebooks" tutorial?

I hear that @danielskatz is looking for a good hands-on introduction to Jupyter Notebooks (the document specification, the interface, etc). Something that is fit for a tutorial session or a bootcamp with a small-ish group (e.g., < 80 people)

Does anybody have something like this? I believe that @KirstieJane and the Turing Way folks have something like this, but other suggestions are most-welcome!

Thanks Chris - This will probably be about 30-40 people, and 45 min to an hour. Ideally, I’m looking for something that I can run in binder and project on a screen, and that attendees can follow along on their own binder instances and try out what I show along with different things that they think of and want to attempt.

Is along the lines of what you are looking for? It is a for a three hour tutorial but you could probably make it shorter.

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Thanks Tim - that’s helpful. Something I forget to mention is that many of my attendees will be librarians, with some programming experience, but most of them won’t consider themselves programmers, so I’m looking for something that’s really introductory.

based on Chris pointing me at Data Carpentry, some things that are close are:


From Keeley @ Berkeley:

Here’s our vanilla notebook for intro to Jupyter/Python:

One of our devs also made a fun Hamilton-themed intro to Python:


Have a look at my introductory learning module: "Get data off the ground with Python"

There’s an accompanying online course in our Open edX site, with six video demos (that are also public on YouTube).

At GW, the library is teaching a bootcamp using this module, open to all staff and students. Twice it has been “sold out” within days.


The Hamilton one is good, thanks! The other requires Datascience, which is not something I want to introduce

How about

Regardless of the title, it starts off quite basic. I liked it, but am checking out the links above to.


@danielskatz did you already run your tutorial? Do you have a link to the material you are preparing/ended up using? It would be great to lin kit here so people from the future can find it.

HI @betatim - it’s in early August, and what I’m currently planning on using is

I also like what @sqqqrly suggested and have added a link to it in my notebook as a further resource.


My colleague Michael Lamoureux helped create this introductory resource:

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Hi, I’m working on an intro for people who have never done any computing or coding before. It’s hands on but very slow. Aiming to get it into the Library Carpentries. Would absolutely love some feedback if you try it out. Beware however that I too am completely new to computing and GitHub (just got in and did it, no training).

In the workshop I use an Etherpad with the whole workshop on it so participants can copy and paste the code if they’re a bit overwhelmed and don’t want to type it out. It’s all about having a good experience with the new thing, and I’m working with people that aren’t necessarily too keen to be there :slight_smile:

I just saw

which links to Looks nice.

That’s really great!