IPython 7.32 and 8.1.0 out

Hi all,

February is as always a short month.

There was IPython 8.0 released in the middle of January, but no releases of IPython at the end of last month, as I was not well enough to do one. Trying to get back on track for february.

Bad behavior in Jupyter community

First – and I shouldn’t have to do it – You should behave respectfully if you want to interact with the Jupyter/IPython community. It should go without saying. I will also remind everyone, we have a Code of Conduct, improper behavior will not be tolerated, and transgression are across platforms. Even without invoking CoC platforms have tools to ban and/or report users, that we have and will continue to use.

If you spot something that slipped through, feel free to reach out to any of us, or even directly numfocus, and it will be dealt with. Even if you believe it comes from one of the Jupyter team members.

That being said,

Two minor releases

Today I have two release of IPython 8.1.0 (strongly recommended upgrade), and 7.32.0 (minor fixes + new features).

As usual what’s new on readthedocs for 7.x, and 8.x. Note that 7.32 new features are not documented on 8.1 what’s new, you have to go look at 7.32 release notes. For example D.E. Shaw contributed the ability to lazily load magics which is listed only in 7.32 changelog. Thanks to them.

There are still a few rough edges on 8.1, but it’s mostly the corner case I have issues reproducing/fixing (help welcome). It is though in a much better place than 8.0, so if you were hesitant to upgrade to 8.0 please try 8.1 and report back. I am slowly sunsetting the 7.x branch.

Note that as usual, IPython often fixes issues in ipykernel, so you should upgrade IPython even if you are not using the CLI.

If you are a downstream packager (any linux for example), you should feel ok leapfrogging 8.0.0 directly to 8.1.0, and if you encounter packaging hurdles, feel free to report back, I’ll do my best to make packaging easier.


pip install ipython --upgrade

And if you are using conda, once available on conda-forge:

conda upgrade ipython