Invalid Credentials launching JupyterLab 3.07 from Anaconda

I have used Jupyter Notebook successfully for the last month and decided to switch to JupyterLab. I installed latest versions using Anaconda (Python 3.8, Notebook 6.2, JupyterLab 3.07). I can use Notebook as before (except password is not requested) but when I enter the password for JupyterLab I receive ‘invalid credentials’ error. Also, no terminal window opens as it does with Notebook.

I made a copy jupyter_notebook_confg.json, renamed it jupyter_server_config and changed NotebookApp to ServerApp as directed in various posts. Also tried replacing .json with equivalent .py files. Same result.

Would greatly appreciate any help.

Hello, today I update conda and have the same error. I solved it creating new config but using jupyter server --generate-config, then creating new password with: jupyter lab password.