Can't log into Jupyter Notebook?

Hi guys! I’m trying to open Jupyter Notebook. It took me to a log in screen (which I wasn’t expecting) and asked me to either input my token or a password (since I’m new I shouldn’t have a password). Yet, when I typed in my token, it gave the error message “Invalid credentials”. I’ve checked multiple times and it’s given me the same error. I downloaded Jupyter through Anaconda (default installation) and opened it through a desktop shortcut, if that helps.

The getting started documentation at Anaconda for the Navigator doesn’t mention a token? I haven’t used it locally in a while and so I don’t have the option of using the navigator. Do any of your options match that documentation?

In case you want to try some other things…

You don’t say what system you installed on, so os there anywhere you can type jupyter notebook list and get a list with the tokens similar to as shown here. Then maybe you can copy and paste the long token to lessen chances of issue?

Alternatively, below there on that same page it says:

" If a generated token doesn’t work well for you, you can set a password for your notebook. jupyter notebook password will prompt you for a password, and store the hashed password in your jupyter_notebook_config.json ."

Source: here

I guess that comes back to the issue of having somewhere to enter commands.

I downloaded it on Windows.
Funnily enough I had two tokens, one on my regular Notepad (which I initially ignored) and one on a kind of Jupyter Notebook command prompt that I couldn’t type into. Copying the one from the command prompt (as I initially did) led me to the error I faced earlier, but I just tried the Notepad token, and not only am I in, I didn’t go through the login page. In other words, the initial issue has now been solved. My question is now, why did I get two different tokens and why do only one of them work? Would have any idea as to that?

I wouldn’t have an idea. Are you using Anaconda and it is able to trigger Notepad to open and present you with the token? Or had you noted that token in your Notepad in the past? Someone else may be able to fill in more information, perhaps if you provide more details.

Glad to hear you were able to access your running Jupyter Notebook.

I am not entirely sure. I know that my first attempt, the Anaconda navigator wouldn’t open, so I had to search up recently installed applications to find Jupyter. However, today the navigator did open. The normal Notepad file was definitely not created by me (I would write it in Evernote), and it opens whenever I try to run Jupyter Notebook, though I know past attempts where it would open and then close. Likely, it was (and is) Anaconda triggering the Notepad, but before it was having issues and therefore wasn’t working properly. That and I didn’t actually read the note for more detail.

Thank you for your help anyway. Would you know someone I could forward this to?