Installation issues with pip3 and anaconda

I’m wanting to learn more about JupyterLab so I followed the instructions on readthedocs to install on my OS X. First I tried pip3 install jupyterlab. That apparently installed a lot of things in /usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages but not any jupyterlab command. So then I could not launch the jupyterlab server.

Somewhere I read that it is highly recommend to install with conda. I did not have Anaconda installed so I used the OS X installer package for that. Once that finished installing I found that I now have /usr/local/bin/jupyterlab command but no ‘conda’ command in my path.

So pip3 did not install the command I need and the Anaconda installer did install the command even though I never asked Anaconda to install jupyterlab and it did not install the conda command which is what I would have expected.

So I guess my question is, what am I missing here? What I expected and what I got are not the same at all.

Sometimes I’ve had to restart the terminal after installing so that the new command is on my PATH…have you restarted to see if that helps at all?

Yes I always open a new terminal session when some installation could have affected my path and that was done. But /usr/local/bin was always in my path so that didn’t change. The jupyterlab command was not installed in /us/local/bin until I installed anaconda. Then it was.

OK it makes no sense that pip3 did not install jupyter and that anaconda did. Probably my mistake no never mind. The command is jupyter, not jupyterlab and I was looking for the wrong thing.

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