Problem installing jupyterlab on osx

I’m trying to install Jupyterlab in OSX Big Sur.
I installed standard python 3.11 first from (not HomeBrew).
Python3 seems to be installed OK, as does pip3.
Updated pip3 to version 22.3.1 and confirmed the version.

When I invoke pip3 install jupyterlab, there is a warning about deprecated MarkupSafe being installed by the legacy install method. It then says markupsafe was successfully installed.

Next I get a large number of warnings about target directories already existing, but the confusing thing is that these directories are in /usr/local/lib/python2.7 , which did not even exist before the jupyterlab install! So pip3 install seems to think it needs python2.7?

Attempting to run jupyter-lab results in command not found error.

I guess it has something to do with the mac setup and pip3 calling the system Python 2.7?? Any advice appreciated.

Failing this I will use anaconda or HomeBrew, but I would still like to understand what’s going on.