Help for a Beginner

Hi everyone! I’m real new here, so pardon the obvious question. I’m trying to install JupyterLab on my Mac by following the instructions here but they don’t seem to work:
I have python 3.7, so I should already have pip. But when I type “pip install jupyterlab” in the terminal, I get: “-bash: pip: command not found.” Am I missing something obvious?

I have a working knowledge of Python but am not a professional so would appreciate a reply in plain English if anyone can help me out!

It sounds like pip is not in your path. Is python in your path? You can do which python and python --version to make sure it’s the python you are expecting. Then does python -m pip install jupyterlab work?

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply! I’m not totally sure what you mean by “in my path.” But I ran the commands you gave and this is what I got:

which python


python --version

Python 2.7.10

python -m pip install jupyterlab

/usr/bin/python: No module named pip

Indeed, I was expecting python 3 but that is not what came out here. I have python 3 installed, though, because when I enter “python3” into terminal, I get Python 3.7.4. How can I be sure python 3 is in my path, if that’s what I need to do?



If python3 works, then try using pip3

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that seems to be working. Thank you Jasongrout!