I can't open jupyter in my browser

Hi to all! Anybody can give me an idea about what I can do about this problem? I installed Jupyter using anaconda but it’s not possible to running out in my browser. I attach the screenshot:

How could I fix it? I use linux ubuntu.
Thank you in advance!

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Try starting Jupyter with:

jupyter lab --ServerApp.use_redirect_file=False

I think there is an issue where the default redirect-file doesn’t work on some browsers (firefox?).


Yes, snap version of Firefox on Ubuntu blocks access to local filesystem. @minrk your solution works for me well, do you happen to know more about the story behind the redirect file? I wonder if we could flip this off by default (I expect that more and more users will encounter this problem as the Firefox snap makes its way onto more computers).

The help message says it’s to hide the token:

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