How to debug python app launch using voila on

When I take maartenbreddels\voila-demo on Github which is VERY similar to the python code I wrote, when I launch it, I get a 500:Internal server error. I get the same with mine. Can anyone point me to steps to debug this process ? I am not sure if it out work system that is making the hard stop or what the issue is. I am able to view both that app and mine FINE in Jupyter Lab in Voila. I am SO close to getting this to work and I just can’t find any help on how to debug the launch, thank you in advance for any help or URLs that might help!! I am using a PC windows 10, Chrome, jupyter notebook, jupyter lab, and Voila.

The one you are referencing here gets launched from the following link:

That link presently results in launching a working Voila view with no error that I am seeing.
So given that your title ‘How to debug python app launch using voila on’ seems moot because that works.
Yet you say, “when I launch it, I get a 500:Internal server error.”? And so it is hard to understand your issue as written at this time.
And you aren’t sharing your other non-working example, and so it is hard to offer much advice.

So right you are ! I took THAT link and its working, excellent! If you have the time, I am most happy to share with you my simple little project, its marylouwho/demo2 on Github, its public. Anything you can point me to would be awesome, bless you!!

Actually, I spoke too soon, and it might be applicable. It appeared that it was going to launch, but all I get is “loading widgets” which is so much better than a fast 500 error.

I think we sorted things out.
Drafting the links to launch in the Voila view can trip up folks, e.g., here.