Voila doesn't work in Binder: 404 Not Found Error

I’ve been able to build an image with my repo in Binder, but I keep getting a 404 error every time I fill in the URL to open section. My GitHub repo is at GitHub - andrewhinh/CheXRay-v2, and I’ve been putting in /voila/render/production.ipynb for the URL to open section. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

First, you need to install voila in your environment.yml file.
This is your current file:

#versions: myenv, binderenv, myenvextras
  - python==3.8.10 #
  - pip==21.0 #
  - pip: 
    - spacy==2.3.5 #==2.2.4
    - viola==0.3.8 #, ==0.2.16
    - language-tool-python==2.6.1 #
    - fastai==2.2.7 #==2.5.2
    - ipywidgets==7.5.0 #==7.6.3
    - pydicom==2.1.2 #==2.2.2
    - kornia==0.4.1 #==0.5.11
    - scikit-image==0.16.2 #==0.18.3
    - Pillow==7.0.0 #

In short:
viola != voila

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Ah, sorry about that. I’ll see if that fixes it.

Next, you need to get to right version of voila because now says:

Pip subprocess error:
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement voila==0.3.8
ERROR: No matching distribution found for voila==0.3.8

Maybe try not pinning that package?

Then once that is working. you want to use the right URL to launch. It should be the following if your original post had the name of the notebook correct:


Please include the launch badge (or URL at least) in the README (or your post) so that people trying to help you don’t have to fill out forms. The MyBinder.org page provides the code to paste into your README for the launch badge.

For the voila version, there were two versions of voila, so I had a 50/50 chance (and luckily the second version works).

I’ve included the launch badge in the README for everyone’s convenience.

I think the version number you had for voila was form viola though because Viola only has a pre-release of 0.3. You have a 100% chance of getting the current one mamba wants if you unpin it.

It seems to launch correctly into Voila now.

It works! Thanks so much. I will be more careful next time about spelling and versioning.

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