Voila render from Github Repo on binder not successful, but worked on local computer

hello everyone,
I’m new to binder.
I try to use binder to publish a dashboard from the github repo: https://github.com/ailjia/demo-test

On binder, I used the URL: https://github.com/ailjia/demo-test and path to the notebook file(option): voila/render/demo-final.ipynb

after launching, I got the error message:

"500 : Internal Server Error"

as a side info, in the repository there is a requirements.txt where I put the packages needed. and the only data needed is a csv that was uploaded in the same directory.

thanks for your hint!

You’ve got a number of issues here:

  1. Your notebook is invalid because the version needs updating or something like that. You should always try to run the code in the notebook cells from which your making your app with Run all before even trying Voila.

To do this just open the notebook using Binder the normal way and you’ll see the issue come up. You probably will need to edit the Json text or , maybe easier, paste the cells into a new notebook and replace your old one with this new one.

  1. The MyBinder.org portal, by default, only makes URLs suitable for launching the classic notebook interface. For JupyterLab or Voila, you need to hand-edit the URLs to follow the patterns seen when you examine the URLs from the Binder launch badges for the Binder JupyterLab example or the working launch example at the Voila repo, respectively.

In your case, I believe you just need to change the filepath portion of the URL you generated as you described to urlpath.

I have a number of working example URLs here under ‘Direct links’.