Rendering a notebook from a repository with Voila on

I’m attempting to render a notebook with Voila on from a GitHub repository and running into a problem. Following the directions in the Voila documentation, I believe I’m filling in the fields appropriately, as shown here:

After this, it shows 404: Not Found
you are requesting a page that does not exist

Two problems:

  1. Improper configuration

    You need to configure your repository to install the packages needed for Voila. They aren’t there by default. See the first paragraph in my reply here.

  2. The URL

    In the ‘URL to open’ space on the form, you don’t want a slash on the left side of voila.
    I cannot see the rest from your image. Always best to include text, even to accompany an image, so others can edit and try.


Your solution worked.
Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to fix this since yesterday.