How to add / remove icons from the left sidebar menu

Hello I am new to Jupyter lab and I’m trying to learn how to use it.
I started with installing various extensions from the extension manager. Installation was successful (a I could see extension “installed” in the the list.
However, I am unable to see the icon appearing in the left side menu and therefore could not run the extension. Could anyone advice how to solve this issue?
Thank you

It would help if you could provide a more concrete example (what extensions did you try installing?), but my first guess would be that you may need to a) wait for JupyterLab to rebuild or trigger rebuild manually b) refresh the browser once the rebuild is complete.

But there is an easier way - do not install extensions from the Extension Manager but instead go to their repositories and check if they support prebuilt extensions; if they do instead install the extensions with pip or conda. Still, closing and reopening JupyterLab will be required most of the time.

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