(funding) £3k for workshops around Jupyter

You must be based in the UK to be eligible, sorry.

The Software Sustainability Institute is receiving applications for their Fellowship Programme. Fellows receive £3,000 to spend over fifteen months. The funding is flexible to support activities that are beneficial to both the Fellows’ and the Institute’s aims, for instance:

  • To fund travel to key computational conferences in their area of work (yes, you can fund your travel to PyCon)
  • To setup and run workshops
  • To organise software sustainability sessions at domain conferences
  • To host, organise or teach training events, such as Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry or Library Carpentry.
  • Other activities around computational practice or policy

In previous years, we received applications from Python user and we enjoyed collaborating with them. For example, one of our fellows is Tania Allard who received John Pinner Award in 2018.

Applications are now open until 3rd February 2019.

Disclaimer: I work for the Software Sustainability Institute. I’m happy to answer questions public or private.


cc @trallard, perhaps you’d be interested in this !

I’m already a fellow from the past cohort :joy: but I am sure I will find other options don’t you worry (and thanks for the ping)

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also ping @KirstieJane in case she has people in her network that might be interested!

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