Conference Opportunity: Inclusive, career-spanning learning in the life sciences

Hello Jupyter Folks,

I wanted to draw your attention to a conference I am hosting In December (sponsored by NSF) on solving challenges in career-spanning learning in the life sciences. The rationale behind this conference is that workshops, online courses, and other forms of training have tremendous potential to help develop scientists’ capabilities, but they also have significant shortcomings. Our aim is to stimulate the community to think about inclusive and scalable solutions that help all life scientists access the training needed to do their most impactful work.

To that end, we will be assembling a small (~30 attendees) think tank at the CSHL Banbury Center. A more detailed description of the conference focus, avenues for community input, and nomination form can be found here: ;(Nomination for attendees close May 31st).

People can apply to attend (we are planning for in-person, but virtual is possible); a stipend will cover travel and housing.

An additional way I thought folks Jupyter Education community might also participate is that we are asking people who do this form of training to submit challenges in the form of vignettes ( ) - some of these will be used to shape discussion at the conference.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments here or

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