Function Reference of own module not shown in jupyter notebook

I have a project (folder) in Visual Studio Code with the following structure

- parentDirectory
  - MyModule
    - SubModule1
      - ( containgin customFunc1)
  - currentFile.ipynb

In there is a function customFunc1 containing a docstring with a description.

I am Importing the function in currentFile.ipynb with from MyModule.SubModule1.file1 import * .

If I now go into the currentFile and hover above the call for customFunc1 I do not see the pop up with the docstring for customFunc1 .

I can see the description correctly when I am in another .py file that imports the function and can use the function correctly in the jupyter notebook. I can neither see the description for build in python functionnor for my custom function when in the ipynb file .

How can I activate the display of the docstring while in the jupyter notebook.

Additional Information: