Show documentation tooltips as in jupyter notebook 6.*


I am trying to move to the new jupyter notebook 7.*, but there is a feature that I am really missing: the ability to grow the tooltip vertically when showing the docstring with 2x shift + tab or show the current docstring in a pager with 4x shift + tab. I don’t know if some extension provided this feature with the default jupyter notebook or if it is only a configuration that we can enable, but I have been searching for it in the new interface and could not find anything related. Here are some images to illustrate what I am talking about:

1: When we press shift + tab in the ‘old’ interface

2: When we press 4x shift + tab in the ‘old’ interface

3: When we press shift + tab in the ‘new’ interface

Note that even the icons (arrow, + and x) are missing.

Does anybody know how to enable this feature in the version 7.* of jupyter notebook?

Thank you!

I think this was not implemented for Notebook 7 but technically it could be implemented by opening contextual help/inspector widget in the sidebar. Would you mind opening an issue on Issues · jupyter/notebook · GitHub?


Not at all, I will open it.