Announcing Jupyter Notebook 7

We are pleased to announce the most significant release of the Jupyter Notebook in years: Jupyter Notebook 7! :tada: :partying_face:

This version brings many new features:

  • :bug: Visual Debugger
  • :art: Theming and Dark Mode
  • :bookmark_tabs: Built-in Table of Contents
  • :busts_in_silhouette: Real Time Colaboration
  • :jigsaw: Support for many JupyterLab extensions
  • :test_tube: Many other features built-in JupyterLab are also available in Notebook 7 by default

:arrow_right: Learn more on the blog post:

Please report any issue or feedback you may have, thanks :pray:


This announcement refers to Notebook 7 having a Table of Contents, and the User Documentation / New features in Notebook 7 section states that β€˜β€¦ the Table of Contents is built-in and enabled by default’. Only, it does not seem to be. When I run Notebook 7 there is not TOC, and I can’t find any menu or toolbar button to activate it.

On the MyBinder-sourced example (click here to launch an example session), from the File menu bar at the top you select β€˜View’, then β€˜Left Sidebar’ > toggle on β€˜Show Table of Contents’ so that is displayed.

Do you have that where you are trying?

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I’d like to post a pointer to some issues I and others have been having since the upgrade to Notebook 7.0; (see also this issue related to nbclassic), which have in fact been exacerbated by the 7.0.1 upgrade. Ξ€hey seem to apply to my homebrew install of Python 3.11 with packages installed by pip.

Short version: It seems that this combination requires explicitly setting JUPYTER_PATH=/opt/homebrew/share/jupyter JUPYTER_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/homebrew/etc/jupyter before running jupyter, although there seem to be some other specific problems with the notebook interface β€” i.e., lab and nbclassic work with these variables set, but notebook fails (differently in 7.0 and 7.0.1).

Are any others experiencing these issues? Are any devs aware of this and planning a fix?

Here is a quick screencast to show how to open the Table of Contents:


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