Cannot view notebook table of contents in nbviewer

I recently installed nbextensions for Jupyter notebook, and have been using the table of contents feature. I’m able to successfully view this on my side panel and use it to navigate notebooks that I run locally. However, I am unable to view this table of contents when my notebook is posted on Git. I even tried rendering it via nbviewer.

Is there a way to make my table of contents side pane visible using nbviewer or another rendering method? If not, is there a different table of contents others suggest that can be viewable by other users via Git? Thanks in advance.

If it has to be on the side (and not just at the top using the Add notebook ToC cell option illustrated here; image from here), you could generate a Jupyterbook view from your notebook perhaps? The Jupyterbook documentation is itself a Jupyterbook and shows table of contents for many of the pages on the side, such as here.The generation of a Table of Contents like you’ll see on the right side of the linked page is discussed there. Jupyterbook sites can be hosted on Github via gitpages.