Fight COVID-19 with Juypter!

The “GraphHackers, Let’s Unite to Help Save the World — Graphs4Good 2020” initiative is looking for volunteers to join the effort.

We have set up a project covid-19-community to crowdsource heterogeneous data about COVID-19 and represent the data in a Knowledge Graph.

We use Jupyter Notebooks, the Neo4j Graph Database, and Binder to incubate new data and new analyses of these data to gain new insights into COVID-19. This is an excellent opportunity for data science students to apply their skills.

We need help with a few Jupyter Lab related issues, e.g., a plugin to display and interactively explore property graphs.


Very cool! You may also want to ask around over here as well: as I think some folks in the Jupyter ecosystem are keeping tabs on that room as well!

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Thanks for the pointer, Chris. I’ve posted it there as well.

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