Cleaning up old PRs in the JupyterHub org

I miss the fast paced energy that gave me a lot of joy and made it easier to welcome new people into the JupyterHub community. It may be a reflection of the youngness of the project rather than anything else, but I’m now going to try to make things move faster if I can.

I’ve been merging PRs, but I’d also like to clean up all currently open PRs that were created before the virus that causes COVID-19 was first detected. The following link shows you those:<2020-01-01+state%3Aopen+type%3Apr+user%3Ajupyterhub&type=issues

I’ve whittled this down from 3 pages to 2, but I’d love some help in getting that to 0! Anyone else wants to get them to completion, or thank them for their patience and close them?

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Ok, I got it down to 1 page! Can we get it to 0?

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