Does 2.0.0 version support k8s version 1.24.x?

As per the following file, it seems that the version 2.0.0 is only supported till 1.23.x of k8s.

I am currently running on 1.21.x version of k8s with 1.2.0 version of zero-to-jupyterhub. The next available version for upgrade in Azure in 1.24.10. So, i need to know if 2.0.0 supports 1.24.x? If not, what are my options?

Z2JH 2.0.0 supports k8s 1.24, and so will Z2JH 3.0.0. KubeSpawner 6.0.0 is no longer tested against k8s 1.23 but will function still.


Note that in the linked file, we run tests against k3s-channel: latest, which now is k8s 1.27.

@consideRatio you mentioned that k3s-channel: latest now supports k8s 1.27, but does 3.0.0 supports 1.27 or 2.0.0 also does? I want to be sure since in k8s downgrading is not possible and I will have to create a new cluster.

Further, is there a page where I can see a what k8s cluster versions a specific release of Z2JH supports?

Z2jh 2.0.0 supports k8s 1.26 fully, but the user-scheduler functionality cant be enabled on k8s 1.27, so it only partially works on k8s 1.27 i think.

Z2jh 3.0.0-beta.1 supports k8s 1.27.

No list is made overviewing what versions of the chart supports various k8s versions

@consideRatio Thank you for your support. much appreciated. I managed to upgrade Z2jh and k8s.