JH <=> Z2JH Helm chart mapping

Based on Z2JH releases info on GitHub (https://github.com/jupyterhub/zero-to-jupyterhub-k8s/releases), the latest stable Z2JH Helm chart v0.8.2 uses JH v0.9.6. Since JH 1.0 has been released on May 3rd, I’m wondering about when we should expect a stable Z2JH Helm chart (I assume, v0.8.3), corresponding to that major JH 1.0 release. Please advise.

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@consideRatio @minrk @yuvipanda Any updates/comments on this?

Please disregard the request(s) above. I have discovered relevant information here: https://github.com/jupyterhub/helm-chart#versions-coupled-to-each-chart-release. I hope that table content is up-to-date. Any time frames for Z2JH Helm chart, corresponding to JH 1.0?

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I’m curious about the timing of this as well. We’re currently running Helm chart v0.7.0 and I would like to upgrade to a (supported) version containing JH 1.0 so we can used named servers prior to the start of our academic year (August 25th).

I am using Helm Chart 0.8.2, but I’d like to utilize refresh_pre_spwan, refresh_user, and shutdown_on_logout which is available in JH 1.0.0. So hopefully, it is released soon.

You can get a zero2jupyterhub helm chart for (almost) every commit on master on https://jupyterhub.github.io/helm-chart/#development-releases-jupyterhub

This means you don’t have to wait for a new release of the chart.

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@betatim Please clarify: does the chart v0.9 (dev or future stable) correspond to JH 1.0?

The chart labelled jupyterhub-0.9-6b537f4 on the page corresponds to commit 6b537f4 of https://github.com/jupyterhub/zero-to-jupyterhub-k8s. To know which version of JupyterHub that commit uses look at chartpress.yaml in the repository (at that commit).

Chart version x.y will contain JupyterHub n.m. You have to look inside the chart to know what version of JupyterHub it contains.

So to answer your question you will have to look at the repository from which the chart was made.


@betatim Understood. Thank you very much for your clear and prompt reply.

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Thanks in advance, With minikube I’m experimenting jupyterhub helm chart deployment. below mentioned the issue. In values.yml I have disabled https property. still this throwing the below error. is there any specific property that needs to be updated on values.yaml or else file.

config file.


Also, I disabled
enabled : false
helm upgrade --install $RELEASE jupyterhub/jupyterhub --namespace $NAMESPACE --version=0.8.0 --values config.yml
Exception related to httpd certificate:

Error: render error in “jupyterhub/templates/proxy/autohttps/service.yaml”: template: jupyterhub/templates/proxy/autohttps/service.yaml:1:26: executing “jupyterhub/templates/proxy/autohttps/service.yaml” at <.Values.proxy.https.hosts>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.https