JupyterHub Helm chart 1.0.0 released!

JupyterHub the Helm chart version 1.0.0 is now released! :tada:

Thank you all contributors to this release! Here are those that specifically contributed in the Z2JH repository, while many more have also contributed in project this JupyterHub distribution depends on, such as JupyterHub, KubeSpawner, OAuthenticator, Configurable-HTTP-proxy, and open source projects outside the JupyterHub organization. This is made possible by a large collaboration, thank you everyone! :heart: :tada:

Contributors to this release

@agnewp | @bbockelm | @betatim | @choldgraf | @consideRatio | @damianavila | @danielballan | @dependabot | @dhirschfeld | @github-actions | @jabbera | @jgwerner | @kafonek | @manics | @meeseeksmachine | @mhwasil | @michzimny | @MickeyShnaiderman-RecoLabs | @minrk | @mriedem | @NerdSec | @pcfens | @pvanliefland | @remche | @roelbaz | @rommeld | @RyanQuey | @spenczar | @support | @thomasv314 | @tkislan | @willingc | @yobome | @yuvipanda

1.0.0 - Changelog

There is plenty to read about this release in the changelog, please don’t miss out on the security announcement, the breaking changes, and the new features!

Visit the changelog now!

Notable dependencies updated

Dependency Version in 0.11.0 Version in 12.0.0 Changelog link Note
jupyterhub 1.3.0 1.4.1 Changelog Run in the hub pod
kubespawner 0.15.0 1.0.0 Changelog Run in the hub pod
oauthenticator 0.12.3 14.0.0 Changelog Run in the hub pod
ldapauthenticator 1.3.2 1.3.2 Changelog Run in the hub pod
ltiauthenticator 1.0.0 1.0.0 Changelog Run in the hub pod
nativeauthenticator 0.0.6 0.0.7 Changelog Run in the hub pod
jupyterhub-idle-culler 1.0 1.1 - Run in the hub pod
configurable-http-proxy 4.2.2 4.4.0 Changelog Run in the proxy pod
traefik v2.3.7 v2.4.8 Changelog Run in the autohttps pod
kube-scheduler v1.19.7 v1.19.11 - Run in the user-scheduler pod(s)

For a detailed list of how Python dependencies have change in the hub Pod’s Docker image, inspect the images/hub/requirements.txt file.


Taking the opportunity of this announcement to congratulate @consideRatio and the team behind z2jh, thanks a lot for the hard work! We use this chart at our company and it’s been super useful :slight_smile:

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