Do I need to uninstall my Anaconda 3 before installing Jupyterlab Desktop?

Should I uninstall my anaconda3 first, to register jupyterlab desktop as my default python? Since I want only one Python is installed on my computer, I am going to use only Jupyterlab desktop after installing it (So no Anaconda navigator). As such, while installing Jupyeterlab desktop, I wanted to “set jupyterlab desktop as my default python”, and the installation says that there is already anaconda3 folder in my computer.

It seems that I need to unregister the anaconda 3 python first. According to the most voted answer to the question " System Python conflict between Anaconda and existing Python installation", to unregister another python, I should remove it.


  • Should I remove the Anaconda 3, if I want to have only 1 python on my computer and I am planning to use Jupyterlab desktop solely after installing it?