Trying to export slides from JupyterLab 3.1.13-1 on Mac

When I try “File…Export Notebook As…” with any of the choices (pdf, html, etc.) I merely get a blank page with heading “jupyterlab_app”.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?

[thanks in advance]

Yes, please upgrade JupyterLab Desktop to the latest version as it was fixed in 3.2.x.

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Please note that you may need to cleanly uninstall the old version first, before installing the new one (see the guide in the repository) as the app got renamed from jupyterlab-app to jupyterlab-desktop.

Thanks so much! I’ll do that!

PS I couldn’t find anything about uninstalling previous versions (esp how to do it - I can see it might be useful). I’m using conda on a Mac

Hi. A mess! I had installed the latest version before removing the old one, but when I did that the old one just came up again. I removed the old one using the instructions you sent, and tried to install the current one and it said it was already installed, but I can’t find it anywhere.

btw I have been using sudo (otherwise nothing was working)

Could you list exactly which steps you performed when removing the old version, please?

Thanks (sorry!)

First I tried

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

resulting in a permissions error, so (despite a warning) I tried

sudo conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

When I started up Jupyterlab, it was still the old one.

Then I followed the instructions for removal of the old one (deleting the app and the cache folder)

and reran

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab

and got a message of ‘already installed’, but I can’t find any sign of Jupyterlab anywhere.

Thanks again! [for any ideas]

These are not the instructions that I linked to. JupyterLab Desktop cannot be installed, nor upgraded (nor removed) with conda; you can modify JupyterLab this way, but not JupyterLab Desktop (earlier JupyterLab App). Please see the linked user guide for instructions and the releases section for installer download.

I see - thanks so much - it’s working now, including export (except pdf, which I guess requires local tex installation)

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Good point about Tex. I wonder if we should provide a minimal installation to support PDF export. Otherwise we need to add installation instructions (should be possible to install it into the conda environment we ship). Would you mind opening an issue on the JupyterLab Desktop GitHub so we can track this one, please?