DNS requests to cdnjs.cloudflare.com

Hi is a DNS request to cloudflare on every notebook close part of the normal working of Jupyter Lab?

I am using latest version 3.1.10.

it happens even on a simple notebook containg single print statement.
even if extensions are off.
Does Jupyter Lab needs some library from cdnjs which is not installed on my system?

i also see this error in the terminal:
Could not determine jupyterlab build status without nodejs

is it trying to download nodejs from cdnjs.
if yes is it required for normal functioning?
if not how could these dnd requests can be stopped?


OS = Ubuntu 21.04
Just to add does not happen with windows 10 or 11.

What is the request it is making?

here is the request ;
59878+ [1au] AAAA? cdnjs.cloudflare.com (58)

asking for AAAA records

since i have blocked it, my DNS server responds with:
59878 ServFail 0/0/1 (58)