Discussions about bots

I’m sitting at Hack for Sweden and speaking about bots with Anitha!

Having a bot that follows up on unanswered issues after a certain interval of time with…

  • past similar answers
  • what can be done? visit the forum
  • tagging the new beginner questions which go unanswered can be answered by the bots

We had a discussion about using the GitLab bot as a good example, where was that discussion had?

p.s if the bots are used, we can collect data from the bots and improve on documentation, tutorials etc.

MAKE the bot setup and stats a tutorial. :wink:

I’d love to see some bot action in Jupyter - I think JupyterLab uses one (cc @ian-r-rose ?) and I’ve seen bots used effectively in projects like JOSS as well.