DAG Based notebooks?

One of the things most people complain about notebooks is the order of cells execution. I was wondering what was the feeling of the community/contributors about this - I imagine this is a very long-term feature to implement. Inspiration could be drawn from people at hex (who just released the version 2.0) or Pluto in Julia.


There is some exploration in this direction:


Thanks Michal! I know this has pros and cons of course - say you update the grid for hyperparameter search: this will trigger cross validation again. Of course, in most of these DAG notebooks there are ways to switch this off - I guest most of the work for this feature would be providing a pleasant an functional UI. This seems more of a thing for JupyterLab 5, while it would be better to focus on things like inline variable insertion.

I currently try to write a JavaScript extension that observes a Jupyter Notebook and builds a DAG. However, it already seems to be hard to get and evaluate the output of a single cell:

Maybe that is one of the reasons why other implementations of observable notebooks are based on extra kernels?