Feature request - execution progress

When executing long notebooks, it would be nice to have a sense of the relative progress. Additionally, I find myself scrolling through the notebook to find the most recently executed cell.


  • Minimally, this could be [x out of x] cells progress bar next to the ‘kernel busy’ icon.
  • A little triangle next to the scroll bar to show you where in the notebook execution is taking place.
  • Option to snap the DOM to the top of the cell being currently executed.

This sounds like an interesting and useful little tool to have.

Do you know if there is a way to get the number of “remaining cells to be executed”? I’m not sure who/which part of the notebook would know this.

A little icon along side the scrollbar that moves from the top of the window to the bottom and indicates the location of the currently executing cell would work without knowing how many cells remain. Yet suggest some form of “progress meter” to the user. So this would be pretty cool.

I wonder if there is a CSS trick that let us prototype this as a simple notebook extension (or even something you copy&paste into the devtools for real quick prototyping)

I’m not sure how JupyterLab implements these, but I think hooking up an event listener to execution requests on cells should be able to be notified on each started and completed execution. That should be enough info.

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Would you mind opening an issue in the JupyterLab repo? That’s where we keep track of feature requests and development efforts: https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/issues/new

thanks @jasongrout

Reminds me of the Table of Contents 2 for notebooks.
The Table of Contents is viewable alongside the main notebook and the current executing cell is highlighted (orange in progress, green successful, red failure) in the corresponding section of the Contents.

JupyterLab TOC does let you see where execution has got to if you show code cells, but it isn’t nearly as pleasant for that purpose. Expanding its capability in the same way as the notebook extension might be a quick and easy way to create this.