CSS files won't load on binder

We are trying to add some notebooks with our nbextension enabled to binder, but all of the css files from our extension fail to load. Our binder can be found at Binder.

Does anyone know why we are having this problem?


Hi @joshuazeltser ,
That link you posted was to an ephemeral session instance made just for you. That wouldn’t be the type of link you share when working with Binder/ MyBinder.org.
What you want to use for MyBinder-launched sessions is the address you get when you fill our the form at https://mybinder.org/ under the text:

Copy the URL below and share your Binder with others:

Or make a badge and put it in the repo README and point us at the repository since we’ll need to look at you code anyway. Example:

Thanks @fomightez

Here is the proper link: Binder


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Can anyone help with this, we’re coming up to a bit of a deadline?