Mybinder failing to load Jupyter widget extension

Hi all,
I previously raised this in the Binder Gitter, and it was suggested I post here as we were drawing blanks.
There’s an issue that is reoccuring for me despite using multiple devices, Operating Systems, and browsers: when I attempt to load a myBinder the Jupyter Widgets are failing to install/display.
Upon clicking this myBinder link I’m only seeing plain text output and widget errors in the console log as shown in this screenshot:

Bizarrely the issue seems only to be occurring where I am based in the Philippines… When users click the same link in other locations (Colombia, UK, New Zealand) they are met with the following page as intended.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? The first error I am seeing in my dev console is ‘Failed to load resource: net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR’.



Ahh interesting - do other binders work for you that use widgets? It could be that some kinda traffic is blocked where you are if it works for others who aren’t in the same location. That is a strange one!

Hi @choldgraf, good question - this is something I tested too. The Appmode binder was also showing the same issue. I’ve been testing on a daily basis and as of this morning (without making any changes) the widgets are now showing as intended. I’ll continue to monitor and update if this issue reoccurs, the notebooks are currently taking around 45 seconds or more to load which is 50% longer. I have a strong suspicion this issue is related to ISPs restricting traffic in some way!