Why does my widget work on mobile but not on PC


I have created an app that calls the OpenAI API and returns the output, a first iteration of an AI mental health assistant https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/tjrademaker/chatbot/HEAD?labpath=chatbot.ipynb. At some point, the Binder was good, but right now after setting up the environment and loading the image, JupyterLab won’t even open.

Last time it did, the text widget in the voila rendered notebook was initially not shown, but appeared when rerunning all cells in the notebook.

Then, when opening the voila rendered link https://mybinder.org/v2/gh/tjrademaker/chatbot/HEAD?urlpath=voila%2Frender%2Fchatbot.ipynb, the widget does not run on PC. But it does on mobile!

I tried turning adblocker on and off and that didn’t make a difference, tried different browsers, Windows and Mac (no success), etc.

Why can I no longer access JupyterLab, while the voila rendered link works? What should I change to make the widget run on PC as well, not just on mobile?

Right now the widget actually works on PC! Is it known that restarting the browser, refreshing cookies, or whatever, changes whether ipywidgets work or not?