for lab extensions

Hi, firstly thanks for this wonderful project.

I’m looking for a dummies guide for jupyter lab extensions configuration using python e.g. (for jupyter hub)

I’m using tljh. I would like to modify the tljh_custom_jupyterhub_config plugin to creating settings for a jupyter lab extensions.

For example, take jupyterlab_execute_time

Following instructions (for local development) it says open jupyter lab and do Settings->Advanced Settings Editor->Notebook: {“recordTiming”: true}.

Instead of having all users on Jupyter Hub do this (myself included) I would like to add it to the Jupyter Hub config. What would this look like in python code. I would have a guess at something like

c.notebook-extension.recordTiming = True

but I have no way of knowing and couldn’t find examples in:

I think that you are looking for overrides.json: Advanced Usage — JupyterLab 3.2.5 documentation

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Perfect. Thanks. That worked

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