Setting default user settings on TLJH

How would I go about setting default user settings for users in a TLJH installation using Jupyter Lab? I’m referring to the settings set in the “Advanced Settings Editor”.

For instance, I would like to turn off the “showEditorForReadOnlyMarkdown” setting in notebook-extension by default for our users, since we use our Hub to share tutorial notebooks.

Is there support for this?

I figured it out solely thanks to a comment on this Stack Overflow post.

  1. Create a folder at /opt/tljh/user/share/jupyter/lab/settings/.
  2. Create a file called overrides.json.
  3. In that file, put the appropriate setting overrides. For instance, I put
  "@jupyterlab/notebook-extension:tracker": {         
    "showEditorForReadOnlyMarkdown": false     

Now, all users will have that setting by default.

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