Standard way to set up config settings for non-server extension

Hi all, I am developing a fairly simple extension for JupyterLab that will add a list of urls to documentation to the help tab. The key is to avoid hardcoding these urls into the extension itself, and instead saving them in a central config file so that when we want to change the documentation links we don’t have to rebuild the extension.
I have looked at a lot of examples that use config files, but most of these examples use a server extension to handle their configuration. Is there a way to create a frontend only extension that can access either a overrides.json or or other config file to set these urls? Thanks.

I found a GitHub discussion on this problem at plugin settings · Issue #5277 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub . The short answer is you have to create a schema that holds settings for your extension and then you can override those settings by creating an overrides.json file

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