How to configure nbconvert in TLJH JupyterLab instances?

I’ve been mashing my head against config files for two days now and can’t figure out this issue. I’d like to simplify the menu options and create a preprocessor to remove inputs/outputs in PDFs based on cell tags. Creation of the file is fine, and I can get the CLI version of nbconvert to pick it up (jupyter nbconvert --show-config under the base environment). However, I can’t seem to get JupyterLab to pick up the settings so that File>Save and Export Notebook As…>PDF creates a notebook with hidden cells.

I can’t find any helpful guides on where to put nbconvert settings so that the TLJH-spawned JupyterLab instances pick up the settings. I’ve tried /opt/tljh/user/etc/jupyter/ (and I’ve also tried placing them in /opt/tljh/user/share/jupyter/nbconvert/ and /opt/tljh/user/etc/jupyter/labconfig/

At this point, I’ve placed those settings everywhere I can imagine and none of them seem to apply. Where should they go?

I found a reference in the docs for jupyter_contrib_nbextensions that mentioned that settings in jupyter_config.{py,json} are loaded by all Jupyter applications. Moving to` worked, but I feel this isn’t very … sanitary. I’d still like to know the proper location for the settings I’m trying to apply, any assistance would be appreciated.