I need to change my jupyter notebook browser to Chrome on my MacBook. Since I need to use a ChromeDriver to do my summer project. I’ve struggled with this process for 8 hours and still struggle. Please guide me. Thank you.

I use Anaconda to launch my jupyter notebook.

For setting default browser to chrome, see here. This may not take affect though if you do this after you already installed Anaconda? It may take what was set as default at that time and keep it? If so, see some resources I listed at the bottom.

Just so you know, you can point your Python code at a ChromeDriver on your computer. In other words, Python run straight on your machine, not in a browser, can access it too. Read this. Note /path/to/chromedriver where you can specify where it is.

If there’s more required on your Mac, have you seen:



Thank you my brother! I was literally opening up terminals and reconfiguring it. This actually worked so much better my brother. Thank you!

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