Can't open jupyter notebook in web browser

Dear all, after hours of trying everything I can to open a Jupyter notebook, I need your help. When I open j notebook through anaconda or the terminal, only Adobe Acrobat opens, nothing else. I figured out that this might have something to do with the default html program. After checking (html file → properties → set default: Firefox) there is nothing my mind can come up with how to proceed. Thanks for your help!

When you open it through the terminal, what do you see in the terminal?
Is there an URL (web address) listed in your terminal?

(Copying & pasting the full text you see in the terminal into your post help would cover those two questions. You can edit it to obsfucate any distinguishing feature if needed.)

If there is something in your terminal, did you copy the URL and paste that into your Firefox address bar and press enter?
What happened when you tried that?