Binder logo usage in plugin

My team developed a CKEditor plugin (for a free/open online textbook non-profit) which inserts Thebelab code blocks in textbook wiki pages and enables running them using a specified Binder. The text editor looks like this:

We were wondering whether we could use the Binder logo for the icon, since in Trademarks, it says that

We do not want these trademarks to be used:

in a way that is misleading or may imply association of third-party events, software, or services with Project Jupyter

but also says

As such, stating accurately that software or a service integrates with Jupyter software, that it uses Jupyter software, that it is compatible with Jupyter software, or that it contains Jupyter software, is always allowed. In those cases, you may use the word “Jupyter” or the unaltered logos to indicate this, without our prior approval. This is true both for non-commercial and commercial uses.

Thank you!

(In passing, this one? )

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We encourage you to reach out to the Jupyter Trademarks Committee (see the policy you linked for the email address) with any questions about specific usecases.

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Yes, that’s the one!

Thank you! I’ll be in touch with them.

At least as of now, none of these logos are trademarks owned by Numfocus… See

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Just an update: I did email the Committee and got approval. Thank you all!