Help us choose an updated "Launch Binder" badge!



Hey all - the Binder community is considering a version of the “launch binder” badge that adds the logo. The hope is that this will make it stand-out more easily, since there are oh-to-many badges out there.

We’d love feedback from the community for which Badges look the best to people. Here are a few options below. Click any that you like (you don’t have to choose only one).

Note: some of the text may look a bit washed out, that’s only because of the PNG saving, disregard that aspect of the design when making choices!

  • Don’t change the badge!

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Just a thought: Sometimes it is important to specify in the badge which service/path it is pointing at.

I’ll leave the badges I’ve been using here, just in case:


ah very cool! I wonder if we could maintain a small page that lets people build these badges on their own at - the voting should happen regarding a default badge, but I don’t see a problem with just providing “templates” like you’ve shown here


Exactly what I was looking for! I like the “Launch Jupyter”, “Launch JupyterLab”, etc. badges, so the user knows what’s being launched.


hey @pwrose and @matheusmota , inspired by your posts, I put together this little PR to add a page that generates custom Binder badges for you:

Think something like this would be useful? Would love to hear thoughts and opinions!


I voted for the 2nd option, even though I like better the color scheme used in the badges that Matheus shared. I also agree with his idea of specifying software that Binder is going to launch. I would also add a brief indicator of the destination, separated from the software label by a slash character or placed in a separately colored area. For example: < (dark grey bg) Launch Binder | (blue bg) RStudio / Server ABC >.


Very useful! If I have multiple launch links, I can now differentiate them.


Simple and very useful idea, Chris. It will help a lot.


I liked this idea of also pointing the server.


This looks great. Thanks for sharing.

@choldgraf Looks like Discourse is generating some good ideas :wink:


Indeed @willingc :slight_smile:

FYI folks, I updated the Badge helper PR with some new layout and auto-generated code/markdown/rst cells, lemme know what folks think!


+10 on @matheusmota’s idea of adding Jupyter and the name of the binderhub!


what do you think of the little badge builder here: ?

the default badge probably needs to be as generic as possible, but that page could make it easier for people to customize to what they’d like


Yeah, I like this.;base64,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 would work just fine for us.


woot - I just re-built this from the “badge builder” page I linked above!


Hey all - I’ve got a proposal in the “badge update PR” for what to do next, would love +1 and -1s on this if anybody has them:

#17 currently only creates a badge for launching Jupyter Notebooks. With the discussion about specific badges, could there be two badges (and links) provided on, one for launching notebooks and one for labs?


I think creating some UI to do that is the goal of the Pull Request Chris linked to in Help us choose an updated "Launch Binder" badge!

You can already have the badge + link that the front page generates point to Jupyter lab or RStudio etc but you need to know what magic words to type where. Making that more discoverable within the front page form would be a great contribution from someone who is skilled in JS and looking to get involved in the project.


I really like this idea for when I’m working on a workshop in spanish! it’s a small thing but I really appreciate it!


The new badge is now live! Thanks everyone for voting and giving feedback :tada: